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Penatgon 911

Position of the Taxi

There has been some discrepancy as to where the taxi cab was positioned.
Pictures tell the story well, if we look at them in detail.

Note in this first picture the cab is next to the overpass sign.
Also note that there is a direct line between the tree ( in the middle of the picture) and the left part of the Pentagon collapsed wall. Again, note that the is a direct line between the camera, the cab, and the right side of the collapsed wall.


In the photo below, using the angle of the camera and the satalite photo,
with triangulation we can determine where the cab was (and was not).
The Yellow lines show the full view of the camera.
The white line, shows the rightmost edge of the tree on the overpass.
This white line follows through to the left portion of the collapsed part of the Pentagon wall.
The purple line shows the path drawing a straight line from the camera, through the cab, to the right side of the collapsed wall of the Pentagon.

The Orange arrow shows the overpass tree.
The light blue arrow shows the radio tower

2) pentagon 9/11

Below is shownin a green circle the tree near the overpass.
the blue line marks the edge of the concrete wall. the white line shows the direct view from the camera, to the left most part of the collapsed wall.
The purple arrow shows a straight line from the camera to the right side of the collapsed wall, this line goes straight through the cab.

3)pentagon sept 11th
The orange circle shows the radio tower, and orange line shows its shadow.

Notice on the picture below, a rendition by another site showing that the cab and pole are behind the concrete barrier. Using the sat photo above, the line of sight of the white line would go straight through the cab, and the cab would be in the LEFT side of the top picture, behind the tree, and would be barely visible, if at all being partially hidden by the tree.
This area between the purple and white arrows indicate the viewing area between the tree and the base of the overpass sign
For the other site to be correct, the cab would have to be on the very left of this viewing area.
We know it is not here. It is to the right, through the purple line. The cab is actual partially hidden by the overpass sign base.


Note on the picture above, there is ONE white highway divider line between the overpass sign and the car, with one more white line, partially under the car.
The next white line (to the south, or bottom) is about 20 feet BEHIND the overpass sign.

One More Time !
View the towerhouse, cab and camera angle.
There is a straight line going UNDER the overpass.
The cab is hidden by the base of the overpass sign and radio tower, but it is there we know from other pics, and the white car is present also.

Several pics to show where the cab was....


5) pentagon picture 9/11

This is the angle of the above picture. There is no way that the cab was near the overpass and past the tree.
It was just a few feet from the base of the overpass sign.
The tree is NOT EVEN VISIBLE in this picture.

pentagon 9/11


To the right of the generator there is a break in the roof gable. If you follow the line through, just to the right of the roof gable turn to the edge of the overpass sign, and back to the camera, the cab falls to the right of it. Closser to the overpass sign, and not the tree.

Note on the picture below, there are 2 white highway divider lines between the overpass sign and the cab with one partially under the cab. Remember, the satalite photo shows the next "southern" white line is 20 feet behind the overpass sign, and would not be visable in this photo.


This pic shows the taxi about 50 feet from the overpass sign.
If you look at the sat photo and put the cab at 50 ft away from the overpass sign, then it would be behind the concrete wall. Also if you compare this to the first picture, we can determine that the cab was no more than 10 ft from the overpass sign.

Was the cab that was hit by the falling light pole, was it moved ? Different views...
supporting that the cab may have been moved...
pole and taxi closeups...

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